Inland Coastal Surveys

Marine surveys around BC's north coast and inland waterways

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About Graham Kerr, Founder & Surveyor

Graham Kerr has 40+ years experience in the marine industry, having worked in a variety of marine environments. Starting out with the Canadian Coast Guard, he went on to commercial fishing, BC ferries and coastal fast ferries. Graham now serves BC's north coast and inland waterways as a marine surveyor.

After acquiring a W.K.M. with a command endorsement, he began working in Search & Rescue with the Coast Guard. He also spent time instructing  at Prince Rupert Marine College.

Over time, his career found him working with BC Ferries out of Alert Bay and Prince Rupert. For a number of years he operated fast ferries between Kitimat and Kemano, BC.

Most recently, Graham spent a full year under the tutelage of Lloyd's Maritime Academy, Kent College, Kent, England achieving a diploma in Small Craft Surveying.